Jennifer & Sean | The proposal

I keep rewriting this post. I start to write and then I start to tear up…I have been dreaming of writing this post for a long time…

11 years ago, I met Jen & Sean when I was a new student in 10th grade. Jen & I were seated alphabetically in an English when I asked her to lend me a pen (a strategy I had developed to make friends in new places). Jen invited me to her lunch table that day and I made friends that have been through everything with me for the last 11 years. Sean & I were in Chinese class together and during the summer before our senior year, the three of us went on a class trip to China. That’s where Sean first told me that he liked Jen. I knew Jen liked him back but it took me three hours at a coffee shop to get her to admit it. ;)

Sean wanted a grand gesture to tell Jen how he felt – so he decided on asking her to prom. We planned a surprise picnic that was themed to Big Fish. In the movie, the main character asks a girl to marry him in a field of daffodils we had to recreate it). We planted flowers into the ground and brought sandwiches. I escorted Jen up to Sean while the soundtrack from Big Fish was playing. I am so glad I have pictures from back then to truly document how their relationship started!

When Kelly (Sean’s sisters) sent me a message that Sean was going to propose and I squealed…out loud…three times…I immediately went into undercover planning mode with Kelly – we became instant masterminds. It was the hardest 2 weeks of my life but I managed not to spill the beans! I lied my booty off to throw Jen off the trail and to douse any suspicions she may have had. We threw a Gatsby-themed “graduation party” for Sean so that everyone could be dressed up. I was the most nervous on my way over to the party. Once it got dark enough, we gathered everyone outside to hear Sean’s thank you speech to everyone who helped him get through law school. When he finished his speech, everyone lit sparklers and Sean got down on one knee. I was so happy to be able to capture the moment! I am so unbelievably happy for these two – enjoy!

We snuck Jen’s mom in at the last second before Sean popped the question!

Jennifer & Sean | The Proposal from Jessica Sofranko on Vimeo.
Password: cody

I had set up a photobooth the night before with props for all of us to enjoy after he proposed. I am so in love with these pictures – truly capturing all of our personalities!


I was able to have lunch the next day with Jen before I headed back up to San Luis Obispo. I couldn’t get enough of her ring!!


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