Our proposal story…

Some of my friends and I flew to Texas for the weekend for a high school friend, Janna’s, wedding. We kicked off the “wedding spirit” early as we watched replays of the Royal Wedding and “Father of the Bride” that Friday night. After enjoying Janna’s beautiful ceremony the following evening, the high school gang caught up with each other at the reception.

During dinner, while joking with my friends all about how we had bets going in the group on which couple would get engaged first, I said I had my bet on Curtis & Rebekah, and we all laughed. I told them all about my perfect dream proposal, as well as how and when I thought Andy might propose. When I didn’t catch Janna’s bouquet, I calmly took it as a sign that my dream proposal wouldn’t happen for a long time yet. But that didn’t stop me from talking about Andy and myself and our future wedding. Even at 4am the next morning at the airport, I couldn’t help telling my friend Sarah’s mom all about weddings, how Andy and I were doing, the dream ring I wanted, etc. I promised to keep her posted on any forthcoming “status” update – again, insisting it wouldn’t happen for a while.

The night before, I got a text from my sister Becky that said she and our good friend and neighbor, Lila, would be picking us up instead of my mom, as originally planned. Curious as to the change, I asked why, and she replied my dad had sprung a last minute work party on my mom and that she was madly preparing the house for their arrival. I completely believed this sneaky deception. So midmorning Sunday, they picked us up with no problems, and after dropping my fellow travel-mates off at their respective houses, we made the obligatory trip to Starbucks.

At Starbucks, Becky informed me that she had invited Lila to a lunch we were having that day with Kaylyn, Andy’s sister. The sudden change of plans threw me for a loop, and combined with my long weekend, long flight and lack of sleep, I threw a hissy fit. After much, much discussion, we agreed that Kaylyn and her boyfriend, Becky, Lila and myself would all have lunch together….not as planned. I am not someone who handles a change of plans very well;)Lila then notified me that she had applied to the local Ritz Carlton and wanted me to go with her to check it out. That afternoon. After much persuasion, I agreed. She then told me, after glancing at my travel clothes and bed-head hairdo, that I had to get dressed up, as we were going to a five-star hotel. With yet more change, I threw another fit. But Lila cheered me up by saying that I could bring my
camera to take pictures of the pretty wedding areas at the Ritz.

So I went home and—grudgingly—changed out of my sweats and fixed my hair from its nasty “I-just-got-off-a-plane” bun while waiting for Kaylyn to arrive for lunch. Needing to blow off some steam from exhaustion from traveling on no sleep, I broke down crying in my backyard with my mom…(Becky at this point thought my mom had spilled the beans). I then went into the garage to grab a soda and I discovered Becky already in there, so I chatted with her (not realizing she went in there to hide from me so she could check in with Andy).

An hour went by and an uncharacteristically late Kaylyn showed up, so Lila joined us at our house. Deciding that they didn’t want to go to Dana Point anymore (behind the scenes panic and reorganization had occurred unbeknownst to me), Kaylyn suggested local Ladera Ranch restaurant, BeachFire. “I hate BeachFire,” I said. Luckily for them, Lila jumped in, calling out the suggestion of Infusion. All satisfied with the new pick, we
headed to the car.

Lila must have been nervous, because she drove like a mad woman (for the whole two minute drive), parking in the BeachFire parking lot. I threw yet another fit. “I said I didn’t want to eat here. I don’t like this place.” Lila responded, “We’re walking to Infusion.” Confused, I point out, “It’s completely on the other side of the complex!” Suddenly, Lila grabbed my purse, Becky took my camera and they made me turn around.

I saw a figure in the gazebo, and glancing over, saw that it was Andy. I turned back to the girls and said, “Wait a minute…” The girls pushed me forward and said “Just go!” So I slowly took another step forward. Once I realized what was happening, and that it really was happening, I lost it and started sobbing uncontrollably. (It might be hard to see in the pictures, but I could not stop crying all afternoon.)

I reached the gazebo after walking through a row of spring rose petals. Andy was crying, I began crying harder…I asked why he was there, as he wasn’t supposed to be visiting until the following weekend. He gently told me, “I’m here to solve our long distance problem.” I laughed and cried some more. He got down on one knee, and after some very sweet and loving words, he proposed.

Dizzy with excitement, I had to sit down, haha. After a few more pictures, we headed to lunch. Of course, I could hardly eat because of my excited trembling. We headed back to the house where there wasn’t a work party, but instead, a “proposal party.” The rest of Andy’s family came over and
we celebrated with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. My good friend Jen, who we had just dropped off hours earlier, arrived and we hugged and started sobbing…again! Andy’s dad gave us a wonderful toast…and we cried some more…and we mingled in the presence of good friends and family.

Andy and I composed ourselves after such an emotional day and headed off to dinner reservations at my favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot. We had an intimate private room and the table was covered in gorgeous rose petals. We had a wonderful dinner, just the two of us.

It was, officially, the best day. Ever.

Here’s a little video clip from Kaylyn’s iPhone :)
Password: love

The Proposal from Jessica McDorman on Vimeo.


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