WPPI 2013 | Las Vegas, NV

This year I was blessed to attend WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photography International) with 4 other beautiful ladies: Necia of Jake & Necia Photography, Lindsey of Lindsey Gomes Photography, and Sarah & Jenna of Sara Kathleen Photography. Below is a little photo-summary of our adventure:

After a few hours in the car, we needed to take a break. And what better spot to take a break than these beautiful trees! You could say the car ride made us  a little delirious by what followed…

This was our “lets pose like an engaged couple” stance…

HAD to play with the petals! They were like snow!

FINALLY a sign of civilization! …And carrying (more like hobbling & dragging) our stuf to our room.

I always love seeing my name and business on tags – puts a smile on my face. And I like exploring the textures that hotel rooms use to decorate. I loved this floral embossed pattern!

LEFT: Necia & I hanging out by the pool. RIGHT: Got to catch up with an old mentor of mine, Tommy.

Had to photograph “the long walk” to the conference – saw these places A LOT over the coupe days we were there. Also, 99% of the people you see in these photos are photographers…We were swarming the place.

Inside the trade show!

LEFT: Albums from Red Tree. RIGHT: Products from Artifact Uprising

Necia & I were looking at albums and there was this MASSIVE album (looks smaller here in the pic). It was so heavy! RIGHT: DVD case from AsukaBook

RIGHT: Comparing metallic album covers from Collages.net

Bloom Theory had the most beautiful camera straps!!

Group picture! Times 4…that’s what happens when you ask a photograph to take a picture of 5 photographers ;)

Back at the room going through my goodie bag!

Had to do a little photoshoot fun – even if it was just my iphone ;)

Pool fun!

Lazers & Blazers Party 2013 Smilebooth

Time to say goodbye – it was fun Vegas!

LEFT: Yes. That. is. a. teddy. bear. Tied to this dude’s van… RIGHT: beautiful desert!

As much fun as I had, couldn’t wait to get back to this face!

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