3 Ways to get the best reception photos


Reception details are best captured before your guests have removed their place cards or left their jackets and purses on their chairs. I will work with you and your coordinator to figure out the best time for me to access your reception untouched. This is easiest if your venue has a separate cocktail area that is clearly marked. If I’m unable to photograph your reception area before your guests enter, a second photographer may be required to obtain these photos.


When planning out your reception try to have your sweetheart table backlit [put the sun behind you]. It is always best to have EVEN lighting [either sunny or shaded] equally on you both.

After the sun goes down I will be using a combination of ambient light and flash to capture the events so for any of the special events it’s best to have them take place in the most well lit area of the reception. If you prefer to have a particular event photographed with daylight, arrange those events on the timeline before sun set. We will work on your timeline together to achieve the best lighting results for every aspect of your wedding.

Candlelight makes everything better. Period.


My timeline is extremely flexible during your reception (as long as we get your sunset photos). I communicate with your vendor team to coordinate and time your reception events as needed. It helps to know all the surprises and special moments you have planned so that we make sure to get that covered and lit properly.

  • Toasts are best photographed when the person toasting can stand next to or near you so you can actually see each other and I’m more easily able to capture reactions.
  • Dances: If you’re choreographing any of your dances, it helps to know which side you’ll be ending on for any dip kisses and prepares me to make sure we have enough space to capture any big movements.
  • Traditions are best if you make it your own and actually cherish the history behind them. If you’re not absolutely stoked to do a tradition, don’t do it. You’re feelings about what you’re doing come out in the photos.

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