6 Tips for the Best Ceremony Photos

It’s time!!! You’re GETTING MARRIED.

This time is different from your portraits because it’s a live event consequently, I won’t be able to guide you in your photos. I’ll be capturing things as they go, so here are some tips to make everything run smoothly.


If you have someone you know marrying you, have them…

  • Time themselves
  • Invite your guests to sit
  • Step aside out of the frame for your first kiss.


Good thing we have rehearsals for that!

  • If someone is escorting you down the aisle, practice your send off hug/kiss/hand shake.
  • The more space you have between you and your guests the better, it allows full body photos of your wedding party.
  • Don’t forget to grab your bouquet as you go to exit the ceremony!
  • Kiss at the end of the aisle! You’re married!


The best lighting is even lighting – either sun on both of you, or shade on both of you. If possible, try to have your guests face the sun. I know it’s a less ideal experience for them, but you’ll get the dreamiest photos if you’re backlit. You can also drape an arch to provide shade over you and your partner so that you can see each other while reciting your vows without squinting.


This is your chance to make your ceremony your own. No surprises for me please! Surprises are best left for the guests. ;) Please let me know of any religious, cultural or personal details so I can be sure to document them fully. 


I absolutely love this. Confetti, flower petals, flower seeds, bubbles…whatever you choose to have your guests toss at you as you exit, have your officiant announce this at the beginning of your ceremony. Give your guests time to get ready to toss before you walk down the aisle. And it helps to warn them not to pelt you so you can keep your freshly married smile. ;)


Walk down the aisle slowly. Hold that kiss. Take it in. This is it!

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